Manitoba Farriers & Trimmers


Winning Touch Equine Services

Graduate of Oaklahoma Horseshoeing School.  Providing hoof trimming services throughout Manitoba and Eastern Saskatchewan.  All breeds of horses, ponies and donkeys welcome. Also available, training, boarding, equine rehabilitation and on-line store featuring Riva's Remedies herbal and homeopathic remedies for all horse health conditions. Please call (204) 981-9764, email or visit the website for more information

Airth, Tim

All areas of Manitoba. Grad of Oklahoma Horseshoeing school. Willing to travel into Eastern Sask. 204 667 5284 or 7910733

Asham Farrier Services

Providing trimming and shoeing for saddle horses, miniature horses, draft horses, race horses, and donkeys. Located in McCreary, Manitoba but more than willing to travel. Call or text Justin Asham at 205-447-5080. Also located on Facebook.  References available upon request.

AW Ranch Farrier Service

As of April 17th, 2009; AW Ranch is offering FULL-TIME FARRIER SERVICE in the Westman area, based out of Virden, Manitoba and is in a position to take on additional clients. Please contact W. Collen at 204-748-1462. Olds College Advanced Farrier Science Program, hot, cold & therapeutic shoeing, barrel horses for sale.

Berry, Marc

Western Manitoba (204) 842-5220

Brea's Farrier Service

Oklahoma Horseshoeing School Graduate, serving the Winnipeg and Interlake area! Offering balanced trimming and shoeing. Please contact Brea Boyd at cell 461-2730 or home 383-5163. Warren, MB.

Certified Farrier Service

Providing shoeing, trimming and corrective services in the INTERLAKE AND WINNIPEG AREA. Providing a gentle and positive experience for your horse. Member of Alberta Farrier Association and American Farrier Association. Fisher Branch, MB. 204-372-6064

Dale Nichols Farrier Service

Quality, dependable, certified and balanced hoof care. Clear Lake MB and surrounding areas. Mobile (204) 724-4771, Home (204) 848-1782.

Dan Calvo's Farrier Service

Hot and cold shoeing, custom shoes forged.  Portable Stocks (not a tilt table).  Will trim or shoe Heavy Horses, Donkeys or Young Stock.  Graduate Of Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School [Ardmore, Oklahoma 2006]. Call or text me at Cell (204) 471-8039, or Phone (204) 422-6684. Based in Ste. Anne area, will travel.

Dawydiuk, Devan

Balanced trimming and shoeing for all disciplines. Custom built shoes, therapeutic and corrective shoeing. Serving Winnipeg and surrounding areas since 2005. Call or text 1-204-745-7709

Doug's Custom Trimming

204-268-9022 or 268-2622

EZ Meadows Equine Services Inc.

“Meeting Your Equine Needs The Natural Way”. Jean Pasche offers Quixshoe, the next generation horseshoe, as part of his farrier services. Alexander, MB. Phone 204-761-6132.

Fairweather Horse Services

Certified Farrier Ed Fairweather, excellent care of your horse. Ph 204-436-3589 or cell 204-797-5467. 34 years Experience. Call or email for your appointment

Fetterly, Dean

Winnipeg and surrounding area of Manitoba. I specialize in show horses of all breeds with an emphasis on corrective trimming and shoeing. (204)669-5054

Freisen, Abe

Trimming and Shoeing. Based in St. Claude, MB Phone - (204) 379-2616

From, Jeff

Wpg & north of Wpg area.  Cell 795-5686 ph.334-8851

Glenn McCullough Farrier Service

Graduate of Olds College with a 2 year diploma in Advanced Farrier Science. Balanced and correct trims, therapeutic and corrective shoeing, performance shoeing. Located near Carman.  Call or text Glenn at 204-750-2748.

Good's Farrier Service

Oklahoma state certified farrier. Balanced trimming, hot and cold shoeing, serving north Winnipeg and the Interlake area. Phone Joel 204-793-9229.

Green Farrier and forge

Graduate of Heartland Horseshoeing's 'Journeyman Farrier course'. Hot shoeing, corrective trimming, standard and therapeutic shoeing and custom shoes. Dugald, MB. Call or text Caleb at 204-805-3451.

Greene, Jonathan

Oakbank/Winnipeg area.  204-791-6911

Jack McNabbs Prairie Rose Farrier Services

Have anvil, will travel! Complete hoof care. "HAPPY Hooves, Happy Horse, Happy Human".  Manitou, MB. Call or text 204-208-0194.

Janine's Farrier Service

Graduate of Oklahoma Horseshoeing School. Offering Trimming, hot and cold  shoeing. Serving Interlake area. Please contact Janine Ducharme in the evenings.  Based out of Woodlands, MB. Phone 204-461-4220.

J C Horse Trimming Services

Horse trimming for Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Call Jeff 204-295-5441.

Jenifer's Farrier Service

Trimming and Shoeing in Westman area. Contact - Jenifer Sigurdson ph 827-2085 or email. Based in Glenboro, MB.

Kerr, Rob

Certified Farrier. Contact Rob Kerr, Home 284-5829, Barn 444-3801, Cell 799-4557.

Ketel, Jack

Dauphin area, phone 204-647-1313

Kleemola, Jamie

Certified Farrier now available in your area. Graduate of Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School. Serving Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Phone 204-791-4209.

Lambert, Miguel

Over 8 years of specialized experience in trimming and shoeing a wide variety of horses. Offering Hot, Cold and Therapeutic shoeing and trimming. Located near Stonewall, Manitoba. Phone (204) 470-4215

Laura's Horseshoeing and Training Service

Graduate of Oklahoma Horseshoeing School.  Journeyman Farrier.  204-345-3631 or 345-8167.

Mark Wilson Farrier Services

Attended the Advanced Farrier Sciences Program at Olds College -8 years of on the side trimming experience, now working on going full time. Based in Austin, MB. Serving Southern Manitoba. Contact Mark Wilson at 204-797-3461.

Moslenko, Murray

Phone 204-797-2317.

Myhill's Farrier Service

Certified farrier 20 yrs experience, studied Fairview College. Trims, hot & cold shoeing. Forging hand made shoes if necessary. References upon request. Serving Western MB & Eastern SK. Call or text Dan at 204-365-6085.

patrick cleaver farrier service

Farrier services in the Oakbank and Winnipeg area. Grad of Olds College Advanced Farrier Science, offering shoeing and trimming.  Phone 204 794 5247.

Prairie Hammer Horseshoeing

Quality farrier services for all breeds and disciplines. Contact: Ethan Radstrom (204) 782-4393.

Rama, Dino

Winnipeg/Oakbank area farrier. Phone 444-2796 or 471-7230 (Cell)

Rawson, Andrew

Andrew Rawson Farrier Service - Horseshoeing and Trimming available throughout Manitoba.  Will travel. Phone (204) 721-1083.

RNS Equine Services

I am a graduate of the Olds College Advanced Farrier Science Program, and have been trimming horses for 5 plus years now. I will trim horses as well as donkeys, mules, and hinnies, minis, and ponies in and around the Winnipeg area and North. $35 per trim (Average sized/saddle horse or pony) / $55 per trim (Draft horse) / $25 per trim (Minis). Contact Robyn at (204) 694-4731.

S.D. Farrier Service

Graduate of Oklahoma Horseshoeing School. Will do hot and cold shoeing and trims. Contact Sarah at (204) 990-7988.

Smith, Meghan

Horseshoeing and Trimming services. Graduate of Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School (Ardmore), serving the Winnipeg Area. Please call (204) 218-1076 or email.

Stephen Syrett Farrier Service

Olds College Graduate. Hot and cold shoeing, some corrective and therapeutic shoeing. Phone 204-793-5678. Stonewall, MB.

The Farrier Guy

Professional Trimming, Hot, Cold and Corrective shoeing. Full time farrier Based out of Grunthal MB, covering Southern Manitoba and Western Ontario. 2010 Graduate of Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School in Ardmore, OK.   Contact Travis Guenther (204) 381-1537.

Triple H Farrier Service

Certified farrier, trimming and shoeing horses (also mini horses) and trimming donkeys as well. Work area is south of Winnipeg, would travel farther for multiple horses. Reasonable rates. Give me a call or email to make your appointment.  Phone or text  204-381-2420 or email.

Tom's Farrier Service

Trimming and Shoeing. Please call 204-218-0089 for rates and further information. Wpg area.

Wade's Farrier Service

Hot shoeing. Serving North Eastman, N/E Winnipeg area. Eastern Interlake area, and Northern South-Eastman area.  Contact Wade (204) 268-5622 or email.

Hoof Trimmers

Equine Design Hoof Trimming School

A private school to teach individuals how to properly barefoot trim their own horses to correct any current issues or optimize performance. Horse and human friendly environment. Originally trained as a farrier but switched to barefoot trimming due to the many obvious and undeniable benefits. Trained in Houston Texas with extensive experience in performance maximization especially endurance racing. Rehab and maintenance trims welcome. All hoof conditions including laminitis, navicular, cracks, flares, contraction, weak walls etc. Phone 204-870-0211 any time or email. Gladstone, MB.

Hoof Geeks Barefoot Hoofcare

While a barefoot trim can be used successfully for the rehabilitation of unhealthy feet, we also focus on preventing unhealthy feet in the first place - through education and awareness.  It is our goal that barefoot becomes a widely accepted choice for performance horses of all disciplines, with hooves raised carefully from birth to be superior in every way.  Barefoot is NOT a fad, or anything new - after all, horses were born with bare hooves.  Learning to keep them that way successfully is the job of the barefoot horse owner, and we're here to help! Contact us: Christine: 204-345-6092 or  Francine: 204-771-5335

Michele's Barefoot Hoofcare

Barefoot trimming. Based in St Andrews. Phone 204-482-7097 or email.

Rosalind Wolchock

Natural Barefoot Hoof Trimmer. Trained in British Columbia at Miellie Meadows by Miel Bernstein. Will travel. For consultation and appointment please call 204-434-9518 or email.

The Naked Hoof Trimming Services

Natural Barefoot Hoof Care for all breeds of horses. I serve the Parkland Region of Manitoba and outlying areas. educated Hoofcare Provider 2012.  Please contact Charlotte at (204) 572 0866 or email.

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